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After reading your tutorial I think I may be doing the wrong work. My Jupiter is in Pisces in the 8th house.

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I have Venus in Leo in the first house and Saturn in the second house in Virgo. Maybe I could improve this area of my life by looking at a different way of working. Funny…just yesterday I caught myself thinking that I really like to work behind the scenes. I wish I could hire your services but as usual, I need to pay some bill. I hope you will continue this series. I share your outlook on life. Oooo, how exciting!

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I think the next article will give you a lot more to sink your teeth into. In fact, both your Jupiter and Saturn seem very well-placed and together create a Raja Yoga — good for ability and fulfillment.

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And the lord of your 10th of career is creative and artistic Venus, right there in your ascendant — creative Leo! And thanks so much for your comment — it did my heart good. Also, the 5th house is Leo is aspected by Satrin in 8th. Does this mean Purva Puna is not good beacuse of saturn Aspect on 5th. What can we learn from this about the income levels. Thanks for your questions! Saturn can present challenges but it also brings gifts!

So really you need to consider all the factors. As to the income levels, again, it depends on the entire chart and more than what we can discuss here, but we can use the information I gave you about the money houses: As rulers of the 11th and 2nd, Saturn and Venus are both money planets. And they both influence earning by their 2nd house aspect.

And Saturn aspects his own 10th house which is good. So this could show their energies helping with earning via the career.

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Here you can refer to the tutorial on the dusthanas and see how the 8th house might related to finances. Saturn in the 8th house with Venus also in 8th and saturn aspecting the 10th house has created extreme hurdles in terms of job satisfaction and getting a job. I have ketu in lagna aries. Why is my professional career taken a total hit and does seem to be constantly threatening the very chnace of getting a job?

Major crowding of planets in dushstahana houses. Sorry If I have aske you too many things. First, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you! I only just now realized this was a new comment, I thought it was the one I already responded to. Even fixing. This is just the tip of the iceberf of all the ideas that start going through my head, but hopefully gives you an example of how to work with this.

And then use other details to either confirm or lead you down an alternate path. Thanks so much for your great questions. I appreciate it! Your tutorials are excellent. I enjoy learning from your tutorials and its very easy to understand for someone who is learning to predict from their chart.

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How often do you update the tutorials in Mypanchanga. I am currently a software professional working part time. I am not able to make it full time since I joined it 7 years. I am now thinking whether is this my right profession. I am working from home and having trouble in getting converted to full time. Is it possible to tell me anything about my career and income?

Thanks Patti!! Thanks for coming by and also for the nice compliment. It will likely remain somewhat sporadic. So much is dependent on your current dasa. And the engineering field is indicated as well. Money looks good in general too although I can see ups and downs, and spending as well as earning not unusual for any of us, though. That could be helpful. How can those symbols and all they represent by house rulership, what they signify naturally, etc.

The more I look, the more I see, but I could go on forever. On your own you can also consider the current transits, dasas, etc. Does this at least make sense? Thank you Patti for your quick response.

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Yes, my 4th house is aquarius. I am so confused what to do. I will wait for your next publications and see what I can figure out.

Interestingly, unafflicted Jupiter karaka of children and L5 is transiting your 7H right now, aspecting your Ascendant and giving expanded opportunities for work with clients. Date of birth 7 — 8 — 69 Place Mumbai Time am Hi! Hi there! If you want to tell me what you think about your chart given the articles so far, I will give you my comments on your analysis. I was reading ur dhana yogas article citing the example of sign exchange between mercury and jupiter for taurus lagna.

Even though jupiter being the natural money planet and lord of the 11H for taurus,doesnt it shed its malefic influence on finances Lord of the 8H too.? Also Mercury is in the H 12 13 degree and sun in pisces 25 degree and venus in the 10th and moon in 5th.

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Can mercury be good for overseas gains? How is this chart from a wealth point of view? These are excellent questions, thanks for asking! Very astute! Let me start off answering them one at a time. Definitely, yes! As you allude to, every planet and chart, for that matter needs to be considered as a whole, with all its influences. It may show sudden disruptions, upsets, etc. At the same time, the lord of the 8th can also show money coming through via 8th house routes, e.

Even therapy is an 8th house indication. In section 3. Thanks for pointing that out. Wow, I could say a lot about this chart … All the Raja Yogas in the 9th house even though with malefics, they are strong with Mars exalted and Saturn, the Raja Yoga Karaka in its own sign could show money in 9th house areas e.

Even Rahu, being materialistic, can often show money even though it often takes it away at the end of its dasa. But as to your question, Mercury could show money from overseas, yes. Jupiter can also show publishing and is in the 2nd house.

Both Saturn and Mars can show high-tech so it could be internet publishing or something along those lines, with a world-wide reach. And that nice Gaja Kesari yoga in 2 money houses would likely add a good influence. And Venus in the 10th would of course add its influence. Again, the 12th house may also show losses or uncertaintly along with the gains, so that does need to be considered.

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I am going thru your articles regularly. I had a question regarding dashas and transits. Does this really matter a lot?

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How to predict things by seeing the dashas. Will you be posting articles on those topics as well? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for a job for last 1 year and i have no luck. Recently my job which I was working got ended.