Gemini 2020 love tarot reading

The Sun in Gemini empowers our minds, sometimes pushing us to think and analyze so much that we reach a point of anxiety.

If this happens, try a relaxing activity that will get you out of your head, such as yoga, meditation, or just watching silly TV programs. Gemini is all about having fun, meeting people, and learning new perspectives, so get out there and absorb all the world has to offer! People born under the Gemini Sun are blessed with endless curiosity, a playful sense of humor, and a clever mind! You like to keep active, and are always busy doing something or going somewhere.

You tend to take life lightly, and encourage others to do the same. You believe love should be fun, communicative, and easygoing.

Gemini horoscope 12222: An Optimistic Year Awaits You, Gemini!

With your Sun in Gemini, you are a Jack of all trades, master of none. Geminis find it easy to juggle multiple career paths at once, so if you have the time, doing freelance writing or research will break up the routine and help keep your mind active and happy. Lively, funny, and sociable, Geminis make great friends! You have a wide circle of friends, and often prefer hanging out in group settings so you get plenty of stimulation and opportunities to connect.

Nobody knows more than you do. Your ability to absorb vast amounts of information makes you more aware than most, and creates opportunities for yourself that no one else has.

Yearly horoscope and tarot predictions

Get your complete birth chart to see how all the planets influence you personally. Uncover the complex and deeper issues around any romance with the insight and advice of this card love Tarot reading. This card Tarot reading looks at every aspect of your life through the 12 houses of Astrology. The tarot card that's associated with Virgo season, and becomes our source of reflection is The Hermit card.

Read on below to check out all zodiac signs' daily tarot reading and astrological predictions for today's Friday, August 23, Make the most of any and all situations. With the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, you are at the end of a process and have a chance to complete the work you've started. You can be a stickler when it comes to keeping the status quo, however, you aren't so foolish as to believe change isn't important when things aren't working out.

If you're tired of the same old same old, you might not want to wait too long to start moving in a new direction. Allowing apathy to set in often creates numbness and you want to remain alive and full of hope.

Flex your social muscles. You are someone naturally gifted with the gift of gab who can move an audience from tears to joy. Your personality lights up a room today and it's because you know how to encourage others to tap into their inner courage. You may find this skill set useful for you today. Think through what you say and be sure that you aren't assuming others understand you because you know how hard you tried to communicate a certain message.

Ask questions. Check in to make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid any hurt feelings in the future.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Money is not the root of all evil. It's the attitude that people have towards acquiring wealth that causes problems. Remember to remain humble and to give thanks never forgetting how hard you work or where you, and your good fortune, came from. When the Sun enters your sign things start to manifest and reveal the intentions you ought to set for your solar return.

Ask for the universe to share with you what you are ready to experience right now. Things are wide open for redefining in your life, from the way that you look to your job.

Yearly Horoscope

Complications are part of life. You may not appreciate the adrenaline rush or how drama that's out of control makes you feel but it can help you to be more focused and determined than ever. With the Chariot card, you are prepared to tackle any loose ends from the past and break free from any emotional snags that still catch you off guard when you least expect it.

When you're around the right company you can experience amazing chemistry. If you haven't found your tribe, you are going to soon. There is a creative vibe around you. Why not add a little sparkle to a room or go visit a craft store with your friends. If you have a DIY project that needs to get done, maybe this weekend you can get your friends to help out and get it finished before the New Moon. You have all the right stuff, and you know it.