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Taurus - Pisces Compatibility

And what makes a compatible match? Love and communication.

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Focusing on these strengths in every moment of this union is what is going to lead to this match's success. Gemini will really appreciate how involved with humanity that Taurus is, and Taurus will enjoy the many adventures that Gemini adores. Both of these signs are also all about physical pleasures and sensual experiences, so this match will never be short of ideas for the bedroom!

The biggest difference between the two zodiac signs in this match will be the only thing that gets in their way, if anything does. Gemini lives in the moment, whereas Taurus is already thinking 5 years ahead. This is going to frustrate both of them. Gemini doesn't like to be committed to any one thing, either, and this is going to invite the Taurus bull to come out on occasion.

This relationship does not have room for an obsessive partner, and both zodiac signs here have the tendency to be just that, in their own unique ways.

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The unpredictability of Gemini will also cause some concern for Taurus, and the need to stay in every weekend will lend to some problems for Gemini. Gemini also will take issue with Taurus stubborn side, and Taurus will have a big problem with Gemini's story always changing with the way the wind blows. Even so, this match can prevail if they are both committed to it despite these differences.

Taurus and Sagittarius: Zodiac Compatibility in Love, Relationships & Sex | Astrology Answers

The only chance this love match has of making it work is by focusing on the good, and saying goodbye to the bad. And that just means focusing on the good in each other, and loving each other through their many differences. Independence is something Taurus will need to give to Gemini, regularly. And Gemini could stand to stay in a night or two as well. Also, Gemini really needs to stick to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, if they want to keep their Taurus.

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Oct 08, - Today is a day for winding down a little and relieving yourself of your duties, if only for a short time, Taurus. You do expect much of yourself at times, so it's important to remember to give yourself a little 'me' time so you don't become overburdened.

The feeling of being overburdened can manifest in stress and irritability, so it is good for you to catch the symptoms before they flare up. Practicing regular meditation can help calm your moods when you feel a bit out of sync. Including bone broth in your diet is highly recommended as it can prevent inflammation; if this has been an issue for you lately, then three cups a day will suffice.

Oct 09, - Whatever tensions or bad feeling had been prominent lately, Taurus, it's time to let them go and move forward into a time of peace and prosperity. You may be feeling more intense than usual and it is a great day to relax and let yourself regain a sense of balance.

You benefit from nature at this time, which naturally resonates with you. Connect with the trees, the grass, the sand and the sky - all of them and the elements have naturally calming and therapeutic effects on you.

Look after your digestive system and include dandelion root tea in your diet as this helps to keep your liver healthy, flushing out toxins from your body and ensuring a purified and clean internal system. Two or three cups a day is highly recommended. When the Page of Swords arrives in your reading, keep your wits about you as intellect and rational logic is favored in your situation over emotional decision making. This Page brings with her news that will favor your situation.

leo and taurus Compatibility - The Pros

It is often delightful news that has a way of turning around your entire outlook. Smoky Quartz "I am ignited with the flame of life," is the affirmation of Smoky Quartz, a crystal known for its transforming and grounding properties. Its primary chakra is the Root Chakra, connecting us to our self-preservation and survival instincts and can help to remove negative energy.

Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded. Greetings, Earthlings! So already we are starting October feeling a little bit behind the magic 8 ball.


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